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1st Generation Revolutionaries is a campaign for the advancement of first generation college students and young professionals.

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The Source

I was a 1st generation college student, the first in my family to earn an undergraduate degree and then to go on for a Ph.D.  I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to mentor and teach hundreds of 1st generation students for nearly a decade.  I am extremely passionate about servicing young professionals especially those striving to overcome their 1st generation heritage.  About 50% of 1st generation students are also from a low income back ground, which often leads to additional needs they face while working toward their degree. Today only 9% of students from low-income families earn a bachelor’s degree by age 24, compared to 77 percent of students from high-income families (Kori Crocket at the Brookings Institute, 2017). 

Who are 1st generation revolutionaries?

These are former 1st generation college students who are now advocates for the professional development of current 1st generation students and young professionals. What makes revolutionaries special is that they have a mission to guide their young brothers and sisters into their greatness.


I motivate 1st generation college students and young professionals into their greatness with powerful keynote presentation, such as "That First-Gen Fire."

Professional development 

I provide tactile skills through online courses, workshops and conferences.  Sessions cover topics such as,  "Leadership skills for 1st gen college students and young professionals," and "Networking and preparing for your big break." 


Success without mentorship is nearly impossible, especially for 1st generation college students. I could not have come into my success without my team of mentors. Revolutionaries and future revolutionaries (1st generation college students and young professionals) will be paired together via a semi-structured mentoring model to develop a strategic plan for their success.  

Dr. Tameka Ellington's Kent State University undergraduate graduation photo, August 1999.

Dr. Tameka Ellington's Kent State University undergraduate graduation photo, August 1999. 

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