Dr. Tameka N. Ellington's Debut Book


MAKE FEAR YOUR SUPERPOWER is a witty and real memoir that speaks to the inner courage that we all possess--it's just a matter of tapping into it. The author, Dr. Tameka N. Ellington, grew up in the impoverished streets of Cleveland, Ohio in a single-parent household that was both nurturing and toxic all at the same time. Thanks to her fiery inner spirit and the mentors who supported and guided her along the way, Dr. Ellington was the first person in her family to obtain a four-year degree and then to go on to obtain a doctoral degree. 

Living through the many challenges that come with being African American and growing up in an environment where survival is almost always the only goal, to the emergence of a successful, internationally recognized scholar and designer, Dr. Ellington is continually on a journey of betterment. In this book, she reaches back to share strategies and tactics that helped free her from the helplessness that holds so many amazing people back from seeking their dreams and life's passions. 

This book is an exemplary story that proves we ALL deserve a full, joyous life, no matter who we are or where we come from. Get ready to be activated and inspired to come into your God-given SUPERPOWERS! 


Intro to "Make Fear Your Superpower"

Praises for "Make Fear your superpower"

Dr. George Fraser, Author, Speaker Chair and CEO of FraserNet, Inc.


Thank you, Tameka Ellington, for these insights, gems and nuggets of brilliance. You have put your heart, time and soul into this important book. I was not only informed and inspired but empowered by your words and ideas on this critical subject of “Fear,” particularly in the Black community. I wish I knew the 9 Heroic Strategies in Make Fear Your Superpower when I was growing up. You have the answers and solutions, and they are precise, timely and needed. Bravo! We all now have something worth reading on this critical subject that directly addresses the many fears of African Americans but when read, can benefit everyone. Thank you so much for this empowering gift.

Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett, Internationally Renowned Psychologist and Author


In her new memoir, Dr. Ellington becomes the HERO of her own story, by summoning the courage to face the fear and do it anyway. Her story will inspire, encourage, and challenge anyone who thinks it is too late to become the person you are meant to be.

Dr. Kwa David Whitaker, Esq., Lawyer Educational Psychologist and Ghanaian Akan Chief


WOW! Dr. Tameka N. Ellington has written a powerful self-help, transformation manual for all ages, personal aspirations and individual levels of education, training and expertise. Make Fear Your Superpower allows the reader to look behind the scenes and go into the mind of a courageous warrior that has been both motivated and willing to face her fears and continually step out in new directions to challenge and overcome them. Make Fear Your Superpower is a must read for any person - especially females - seeking a role model and ‘G.P.S.’ to guide their steps towards transformation and liberation. We all owe a great debt to Tameka for her courage and willingness to face the ‘slings and arrows’ necessary to bring us these powerful insights and life lessons.

Sharlene Chesnes, President and CEO of The InterChez Companies

I stand in awe of Dr Tameka Ellington’s honesty, determination and courage to share her experiences to transform what could be a debilitating struggle into an uplifting, motivational message to help others. Her dedication and commitment to family, teaching, creativity and helping others is clearly what drives her passion.Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Dr. Elizabeth (Missy) Bye, Director and Professor of Design at University of Minnesota

 I finished reading your book last night and want to thank you. Thank you for sharing your story, your fears and super powers! Your positive, faith based attitude is the best possible example to all those you touch. Your wish for me to' find my joy' has really stuck with me, and I find myself returning to it several times a day as I navigate and plan for changes ahead. I know you will continue to lift up many as your journey continues.